Triumph Protection Group Inc. has over 50 years of combined Law Enforcement, military, and security management experience. Our company excels in providing our clients professional and dedicated security services. We have one goal with all clients, and that is to bring a level of security that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We strive to bring the latest concepts of proactive security to our clients using the latest security models to prevent, deter, and find innovative solutions to all your security problems. The proactive security model is used to focus on preventing crimes from occurring; not just reacting to crimes in progress.

Security Guard Services, Private Investigations, Ececutive Protection in the San Francisco Bay Area - Triumph Protection Group, Inc.

We believe that providing a Threat Assessment product that highlights and enumerates both facility and personnel security concerns will provide the client with the information needed to make the most informed security decisions for their organization. We provide the information your organization needs to understand and establish the appropriate guidelines for security measures and to implement safety/security protocols for staff and clients.

Triumph Protection Group Inc. understands the importance of safeguarding life and property and is committed to being part of proactive security solution for our clients.

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Triumph Protection Group (TPG) is dedicated to pursuing consistent excellence in the delivery of security guard services and related security technology products and services. As our name implies, we desire to ’Triumph’ and grow through applying our guiding principles.


Elite Technology puts the power of now into your hands. Problems are identified in real time by multiple sources, and the information is compiled centrally with real time access to manage problems onsite or remotely. The value of security technology allows for a razor focus on problems, solutions, and outcomes.

Triumph Protection Group provides Executive Protection, Celebrity Protection, Campus Security, Security Services, Security Guard Services, Security Agent Services, Personal Protection, and many other security and protection services in Norther California, Southern California and Nevada. Our Branch Offices are in Vacaville, CA, Santa Barbara, CA and Reno Nevada.