About Triumph Protection


Triumph Protection Group is dedicated to pursuing consistent excellence in the delivery of security guard services and related security technology products and services. As our name implies, we desire to ‘Triumph’ and grow.

Triumph Protection Group is a company dedicated to meeting the security needs of our clients. We are not just a guard for hire, we are a partner that helps you mold culture and values within your properties.

Culture & Values


We learn from the past by implementing continuous improvement and refine our processes in order to deliver quality service.

We strive to pursue maximum customer satisfaction by delivering the best security services aligned with the unique needs of each business.

We aim to return good will and hope to our local communities and nation via our commitment to crime prevention and law enforcement, mentorship, philanthropy, and team spirit.

We promote positive development and maximum potential of our employees and strategic alliances.

We profit fairly, always with integrity, and through our hard work and innovation.

We always aim to do what is right rather than what is merely expedient or profitable.


Integrity & Values

Each of the personnel we hire is the face of our company. They represent our entire set of values. That is why we invest in training and educating our human capital. A guard is not always in a supervised position. This is a job that requires honesty and integrity. Those are core values that we look for when hiring.

Presence & Partnership

Our presence is a constant. We assimilate your values as a partner while presenting security and protection to the level that is dictated by you. We try to blend our service to your needs while still maintaining the ability to provide security and protection.

Differentiation & Innovation

Technology changes rapidly. We evolve at that same rate. Our state of the art security reporting technology called Elite keeps our guards accountable and on task mitigating risk on your behalf and saving you valuable time. We invest in training and education so that our team becomes the model of innovation that makes us the stand out security service provider that our clients need and want.

Service & Governance

Our services are tailored to fit the culture and values of your organization. We morph our services and our employees to meet the needs of each of our clients. That is an onus for which we accept responsibility both in accomplishing and maintaining.