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Our mission?
Help you Triumph over any
security threat

Companies count on us to think on our feet…outsmart con artists…thwart every attempt at violence, theft, or fraud…all while aligning our actions with the values and culture of their company.

It’s the kind of challenge we live for.

Who we hire

No one guards your guards, so they need to be honest, have integrity and demonstrate grit.

In addition, Triumph guards are experts at aligning their behavior with your company’s culture and values.

Most of our guards are prior law enforcement officers and military personnel trained to stay cool under pressure.

How we train

It’s not enough to be trained in protection and detection. We also train our guards in how to integrate with your company’s culture.

Our guards have a growth mindset and are always striving to improve themselves.

Our ongoing training includes the use of new technology, new reporting, new defensive measures and more.

Our real-time tech

Modern protection demands cutting-edge technology.

Our state-of-the-art mobile reporting technology keeps you informed real-time as situations unfold.

We know fast, accurate reporting can prevent further damage and keep you informed and in control.

A direct line to management

When you have to escalate a security issue to management, you want management to respond quickly and appropriately.

At Triumph, we take your opinions and concerns seriously. We promise to proactively seek out solutions to situations as they arise—before they become big problems. You’ll always be able to get us on the phone and make any concerns you have known.

We’ll work with your guards and train them in how you want things handled at your company. Bottom line, we’re with you every step of the way.