Yelp tells me I get to be the FIRST to write a review of Triumph Protection Group, and I can honestly say nothing would please me more!

I am part of an event production team that recently hired Triumph Protection Group for overnight and day of event security leading up to a two-day, gated festival-style event. In the days leading up to the event Triumph’s team was onsite overnight keeping an eye on property, materials and equipment, and things were quiet and uneventful. However. Things changed a bit on opening day, when soaring temperatures and unforeseen issues with arriving passenger shuttles caused delays and missed pickups, resulting in hot, frustrated guests bearing down on our seasoned team of Admissions personnel. Team Triumph quickly picked up on the strategies our Admissions team was using to funnel guests into the correct entry lanes and get them scanned into the event as quickly as possible, and in the absence of any real security issues, they seamlessly joined in the effort to provide guests with event handouts, direct them to their entry lanes and clear the lines between shuttle drop offs so guests did not have to wait one additional second longer. Their support and teamwork was incredible!

Fast forward to the afternoon, with guests starting to depart and finding that the shuttles on two separate routes were continuing to experience difficulties, while lines were growing long with hotter, even more frustrated guests! Triumph personnel were quick to judge that a production team member (me) was needed, and when it was deemed necessary to take control of dispatch and revise the shuttle routes based on the immediate needs of the guests, they worked seamlessly, shoulder-to-shoulder with me and the bus drivers to ensure that we were removing as many guests as safely possible on each route, quickly making decisions to direct or hold other traffic that might impede the buses, and helping to maintain our guests’ sanity in the face of the delays.

Every single one of Triumph’s staff worked diligently to assist with line management and traffic control, and were unfailingly polite, respectful and responsive in the face of a challenge that was not of their making and truly beyond their control. As one guest stated, even though she was still frustrated, it made her feel better knowing that no one was doing more to facilitate the shuttle service than the hard working team from Triumph Protection Group. They earn the definition of “going above and beyond” and I will eagerly look for any opportunity to hire them in the future.

(And — they even found my car keys. Yes, somehow I dropped them in the flurry and fuss. Love you, guys and gals! Thank you!)

Sue C.

We’ve used this company’s services twice so far at social gatherings of several hundred people. The Officers showed up early, asked me what I needed, showed respect to our guests and were highly professional. Many were retired law enforcement. I highly recommend this company and look forward to using them in the future.
Greg L.

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