Campus Safety Officer

Posted 10 months ago

Job Title: Campus Safety Officer Classification: Non-Exempt
Location: 3500 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, CA 94619
Location Name: Holy Names University
Department: Campus Safety
Hours per week: Various
Reports to: Campus Safety Supervisor

Position Objective: Responsible for providing safety and security for all members of the University campus and residence halls; ensuring compliance with policies and procedures by practicing good observations, reporting, prevention, and protection skills. Campus Safety personnel provide 24-hour service for the university community responding to service calls, assisting with the traffic on and off campus or residence halls, monitoring on-site camera surveillance, assisting with special events, and other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions of Position (The duties of positions are too varied and exhaustive to list out in totality and they will change and evolve as the needs of the position changes. However, the current most critical and essential duties of the position are listed here):

• Perform surveillance of campus grounds
• Assist in the protection and safekeeping of all University assets to include buildings, vehicles, and other property
• Provide service assistance and information to staff, faculty, students, visitors, or the general public as required
• Promote safe work practices; ensure compliance with OSHA standards and preventative measures; enforce safety programs
• Responsible for following the communications procedures of the department which includes, but is not limited to: receiving emergency and routine business calls; responding to requests for service; evaluating and determining from conversations with callers the urgency of the request and the proper course of action; maintaining all equipment, operational systems, and program documentation related to communications procedures.
• Prepare reports conforming with established procedures on all matters that come to the Campus Safety personnel’s attention; keep records and documents customary with the position, as well as those designated by supervisors; make prompt, accurate, and necessary entries in official department records in the manner prescribed for keeping such records; track all medically treated and non-treated injuries and emergency responses to campus grounds.
• Enforce parking regulations through the use of CCTV by capturing images, date and time and sending those images via email.
• Transmit all orders, instructions, information, and data to necessary parties in a prompt manner.
• Receive, document, and report complaints from the University community to the Campus Safety Supervisor or Director.
• On a daily basis inform the Campus Safety Supervisor of the status of Campus Safety concerns and problems, as well as any other information concerning safety and security matters. Interview witnesses, victims, and person in any matter connected with the safety and security concerns of the University.
• Monitor access and activities of all personnel, students, and visitors, as well as the general flow of traffic on and off campus to ensure that no unauthorized persons are admitted and that all authorized persons are following University policies.
• Provide assistance for lost and found items.
• Handle incidents of undesirable behavior with tact and an appropriate level of firmness.

These should be directly related to the work and not to the education and experience level of the current incumbent

Minimum Education Required (The need for a certain level of degree should closely correlate with the needs of the position):
High School Diploma or GED
CA BSIS Guard Card
Public Safety Experience Preferred

Minimum Experience Required:
Must be proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer
Employment experience in an academic setting preferred

Minimum Skills Required:
Must be able to read, write and understand laws, government regulations, procedures, communications and other documents. Must demonstrate ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing for the purpose of public interaction and report writing. Must demonstrate manual dexterity and possess the aptitude and technical ability to operate surveillance equipment, computers, telephones, cell phones, and radios needed to perform the job.

Typical Working Conditions (Describe work environment including exposure to heat, cold, fumes, chemicals, allergens, mold, etc.):
Must be able to tolerate areas of varied temperatures and weather conditions, including seasonal heat and cold and/or rain and snow. Must be able to tolerate exposure to automobile exhaust fumes.

Equipment Used (List all manual and automated equipment used in the course of performing essential functions):
CCTV, Radio, Desktop Computer (mouse/keyboard/monitor), gate controls, flashlight, fan, heater, multiple phone lines, keys, calculator, copier, fax, scanner

Essential Physical Tasks (List all physical tasks encountered while performing essential functions):
Requires prolonged periods of sitting, standing, walking, reaching, kneeling, bending, and/or stooping in the performance of duties.

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