Our Experience

Triumph Protection Group’s employees have experience in Law Enforcement, military, and security management. Our company excels in providing our clients professional and dedicated security services. We have one goal with all clients, and that is to bring a level of security that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our Commitment

Triumph Protection Group officers are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your employees, clients, vendors & other assets. We take special care in ensuring that you receive the right services to fit your individual or company’s needs.

Personal Protection

Whether an executive or an entertainer, an athlete or a political figure, individuals exposed to a high degree of risk need a high degree of protection. Triumph Protection provides personal protection services that keep people safe from the threats of danger that come along with high profiles. Our security professionals protect celebrities, political figures, foreign dignitaries, corporate executives and other elevated-risk individuals with the highest levels of experience and security expertise. We are committed to protecting our clients with unparalleled service.

Not only must security professionals respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations, but they must also have the awareness and communication skills to identify suspicious activity and prevent threatening incidents from occurring. Triumph Protection professionals have the experience and expertise needed to fully assess situations and plan efficient security strategies on the spot. Our management and security team works closely with law enforcement and clients to provide personal protective services that keep people safe in any environment. By maintaining a low profile in combination with high awareness, our security professionals allow our clients to go about their daily activities knowing they are in safe hands.

We pride ourselves by knowing how to truly protect our principals and their families. First and foremost, we take your family’s safety and privacy concerns into consideration, from the initial assessment to putting our boots on the ground.

We provide a unique take on executive protection. Our protection agents have a multitude of disciplines and are trained in driving, self-defense, first aid/medical response, etiquette, communication, and much more. Our agents are chosen to suit each client based on individual needs. We offer a full threat assessment to best address your situation and pride ourselves on finding solutions that you can live with and that fit within your budget. We believe there is a solution to every problem and are committed to making a positive difference for you.

Armed/Unarmed Security

We take a more professional approach to uniformed security. It begins with our high hiring standards. We pride ourselves with providing only the best security personnel. We start by focusing on only hiring individuals that have either law enforcement or military experience or an extensive security background. We set ourselves apart from the other companies by not just providing a “warm body” but by having a proactive approach and experienced personnel.

We hire individuals with the experience and the training needed to deal with dynamic and evolving situations. By doing this it protects our clients from liability and represents them in a positive light to their customers. Our security professionals are independent thinkers and take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to each client’s individual needs. Let us demonstrate the difference our highly trained uniformed security service professionals can make for your business.

Plain Clothes Security

We provide a plainclothes security service which is designed to provided armed (CCW) and unarmed security for the client who wants security with a more corporate or casual approach. Our plain clothes agents can be in suit and tie or jeans and polo shirt, your choice. We have found that a lot of clients want security but don't want the look of a uniformed presence in certain environments. All of our plain clothes agents are former/current law enforcement officers or have an extensive military or executive protection background. We offer armed (CCW) services for more security heightened events or higher threat level details.

Corporate Security

We understand our corporate clients have an obligation to their shareholders, employers, tenants, vendors and visitors and it is our highest priority to provide a safe and secure environment.

Our professional security agents can change the atmosphere of your business. You will immediately notice a difference in the level of service our company provides for you. We do this by bringing in the most trained and professional security agents in the business. Our goal is to provide a higher level of security in the most cost-effective manner, at the cost you currently pay or lower.

We take a very proactive approach to your security needs and offer a very comprehensive Security Vulnerability Assessment. We also use modern real-time security reporting technology that sets us far apart from our competition. We report real-time security events as they happen and provide detailed follow-up reports. Our guards also use this technology to stay on protocol and ensure all security checks are being done consistently, giving you peace of mind.

Event Security

Triumph Protection Group offers Event Security for all types of private or public events. Our Event Security is designed to allow your guests to have the time of their lives in an ordered yet festive environment. Whether a small intimate event such as a wedding, a large scale concert style event or anything in between, we have varying levels of security available based on your event and budget needs. We offer both uniformed and plain clothes, armed or unarmed presence, or any combination thereof. We will consult with you to identify your concerns and event needs, make recommendations, and then customize our service to your specifications. We find no one solution works for any one event. The only limit is your imagination.

Limited Access

We can handle the admission requirements, guest check-ins and in-out privileges as determined by you. VIP escorts that allow your guests to feel secure. We employ bike, foot and mobile perimeter inspections to eliminate unwanted guests, reporters, or threats.

Safety and Security

We handle safety concerns that are aimed at allowing the festivities to be all that they can be without the threat of party crashers, violence, or even terrorism. Our services include weapon detection, guest verification, parking coordination, and entry access limitations.

Crowd Control & Red Carpet Events

We effectively manage engagements of all sizes including high profile gala events. We work as a team to manage crowd behavior without interfering with the celebration. We employ safety, surveillance, and provide a security presence that is helpful to your guests when they need directions, or have a problem such as a lost child.

Commercial Security

Triumph Protection Group features commercial and retail security services that are custom designed to fit your exact Santa Barbara, San Francisco, or Vacaville commercial security needs. We target social crimes prevention such as graffiti, trespassing, shoplifting and vandalism. Our guards are a high visibility deterrent to these types of crimes. We couple standing guards with foot patrols, car patrols and bike patrols where appropriate. We use armed and unarmed guards as a deterrent to violent crimes.

We focus on you and your business. We train and educate our staff to become your brand. Our guards are customer service oriented and have been educated to do their jobs while being courteous, professional and helpful to your guests. Whether you are a commercial or retail business, our security program adds value to your operations. We provide a safe and secure atmosphere. We save you money on things like vandalism repair, graffiti cover-up or removal, and the presence of a guard helps stop theft. We even extend our services to cover logistics, vendor relations and parking management on a 24/7 basis.

Healthcare Security

Triumph Protection Group is a full spectrum security agency that offers specialized security services to healthcare providers. Our guards are trained to meet the needs of your clients. We help to ensure that the healthcare environment is organized and safe. We provide the safest environment for your staff to do their jobs and for your visitors and patrons to utilize your services. We train our guards to be ambassadors of customer service while being efficient in maintaining a secure environment.

We train and educate our Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Sacramento and Vacaville healthcare security guards to be competent in the following areas:

  • Bio-hazardous material handling
  • Dealing with hostile people
  • Anti-violence tactics
  • Customer Service
  • Safety Protocols for healthcare environments
  • Threat detection, isolation, and containment
  • Crisis management
  • Crowd control in an emergency setting
  • Self Defense and the defense of others
  • Psycho-social aspects of dealing with trauma

Each of our guards assimilates to maintain your policies and procedures while adhering to our doctrine of safety. Together we build an environment that helps people in need and creates a safe zone for those who are waiting for care.

Hospitality Security

Whether you are hosting a special event or need a constant security presence for your hotel or resort, Triumph Protection Group is here to serve your needs for hospitality security in Vacaville, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara areas.

Having a Security Vulnerability Assessment is always a great start for your hospitality business. We calculate risk severity and probability. We then develop methods to mitigate or eliminate risk, all the while keeping customers and personnel safe and improving the bottom line. Our officers understand and follow all fire, safety, health and other organizational codes. They also are trained to understand they represent your company and will provide excellent customer service and treat personnel and customers with the utmost of respect. Additionally, many of our officers are AED/CPR certified officers meet your OSHA requirement standards.

Triumph Protection Group provides hospitality security in Vacaville, Santa Barbara, Sacramento and San Francisco.

High Value Cargo Transport

Whatever your valuable cargo, Triumph Protection Group's experience and expertise in the movement of high-value cargo ensure the safe, secure, reliable delivery of your precious consignments. We will work with you to understand your exact needs and concerns.

We understand your concerns and your high expectations of a safe, secure delivery of your assets. With Triumph Protection Group your cargo is always in the safest hands.

Labor Dispute & Strike Security

Our company has the ability to quickly assemble a team of agents that can respond to short or long-term labor strikes. We understand the disruption these labor disputes can cause to a business. We also understand that knowing the labor/strike laws can help mitigate any issues between the business and the workers. Let us show you what our experience can provide to you and your business. We will find the best way in providing the necessary security and minimizing the disruption of your business.

Campus Safety & Security

How many school shootings have occurred over the last several years? Since 1990, there have been over 100 school-related incidents that involve firearms. We take campus safety and security very seriously especially in the wake of the surge in active shooter violence on US educational campuses. Triumph Protection Group offers precise education campus security throughout the state of California.

  • K-12 Campuses - Security is designed to detect and prevent guns from entering school grounds, and to prevent devastating events such as the Sandy Hook shootings.
  • College Campuses - Personal safety and the security of the campus community are of vital concern to Triumph Protection Group. Campus Safety & Security not only provides protection for college campuses, but we also help in the development of emergency safety procedures and Jeanne Clery documentation and reporting.

We focus our services on prevention, containment, and protection of students and staff on campus. We work seamlessly with local law enforcement agencies to provide complete security protection to campuses. We have existing programs at the following locations:

  • Santa Barbara Campus Security
  • Vacaville Campus Security
  • Oakland Campus Safety and Security
  • San Francisco Campus Safety and Security

We use detection equipment such as metal detectors, patrols, on-site guards, surveillance, and mobile technology to patrol and report problems to school officials and local law enforcement.

Residential Security

Residential security is complex, and Triumph Protection Group offers comprehensive residential security services that are customized to meet the needs of each client and their unique properties. We offer technology that offers real-time reporting so that residents can report problems directly to us via an online application or by telephone. Our mobile guard's use handheld devices that allow them to enter problems directly into a system that provides information to you via a mobile accessible database. Our technology makes the collection of data easy so that preventative measures can reduce or eliminate repeat problems like bad tenants. We provide services to:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • HOA's (Homeowner's Association)
  • Gated Communities

Our security teams create a visible presence in our partner-communities such as:

  • Our Vacaville Residential Security team
  • Our Santa Barbara Residential Security team
  • Our San Francisco Residential Security team

The value we provide is a lower cost of doing business, increased tenant happiness because we effectively reduce crime. We provide an outlet for residents to foster complaints, and we provide you with detailed data that allows you to make informed decisions such as whether or not to renew a lease to what has become a problem tenant. The data we provide supports your case.

Threat Assessments

We have some of the most experienced threat assessment agents in the business. Let us show you what a good threat assessment can do to provide your business with a more proactive approach to security.

Whether you have security in place or want to find ways to provide better security let our professionals show you how. Our threat assessment agents have long and extensive law enforcement backgrounds and have done real-world threat assessments.

Industrial Security

The modern thief is not always about breaking and entering, but stealing resources that are located in plain sight. Each year American industrial companies lose billions of dollars from the hands of opportunistic thieves. These losses are both internal, employee-related, and external.

We work with:

  • Manufacturing plants - we can help monitor inventory, vendors and employees.
  • Distribution warehouse - We offer a full set of logistic security measures and tools designed for warehouse and supply chain companies.
  • Distilleries - We provide security, access limitation, and surveillance to specialty and high-risk companies.
  • And many others.

Our security programs are designed to be customized to fit the needs of each client. We recognize that your business is unique, and we make it our responsibility to morph to your standards.

Triumph Protection Group provides manufacturing and industrial security in Vacaville, Santa Barbara, Sacramento and San Francisco.


Our uniformed guards provide a highly visible security presence that helps to prevent criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, trespassing and graffiti. Prevention is a value-added asset that helps to reduce your losses from theft of equipment, lawsuits for injuries, and lost time and resource from vandalism.

We Employ:

  • Patrol services via car, on foot, and bicycle.
  • Access control that is sophisticated and monitored.
  • Armed or unarmed guards as your situation merit.
  • Surveillance through passive and active means.
  • Full construction security and protection of assets.

Passive Devices of Prevention

We utilize passive tools to help keep incidence at the lowest level possible. We will install signs, motion sensors, and cameras as needed to detect, alarm, and deter criminal activity.

Reporting and Monitoring

We provide 24/7/365 monitoring and supply you with reports that are customized to meet your needs. Our reports are detailed, accurate, and can be set up to provide real-time reporting that copies you on every entry.

Workplace Violence Security

Our Company will provide the protection your business needs to deal with any threat of violence at your business. Our focus is on preventing the violent encounter before it happens. Most situations of workplace violence can be prevented by having systems in place to help ease the transition of layoffs/terminations of employees.

We provide free workplace assessments as part of our proactive approach to our clients, with no obligation of service commitment. We would rather first discuss the concerns with you and determine if there is a need for services so that you are fully informed. Workplace violence is a very serious concern and we want our clients to feel safe. Let us know how we can help with your needs.

Parking Management

Triumph Protection offers parking management services through our Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Vacaville parking management software designed for HOAs, Commercial and Residential clients. This is a program that allows easy management of your parking 24/7. We provide real-time security reporting using our Elite technology.

Here is some of the immense value it provides:

  • Your parking book is easily updated and constantly accurate.
  • Customers would be issued virtual permits instead of dash or visor permits, which require physical verification and payment processing.
  • Online registration allows customers to reserve and pay for parking spaces online which gives them a guaranteed parking spot, which is a value to them and to you.
  • Accurate mapping of your garage for open spaces, for better management of your services and your building. You can easily see cars that are not moved or may need to be towed.
  • Optional services include the ability to look at historical violations and even license plate recognition for easy registration. There is an option also for online payment for violators.

Learn more about how Elite's parking management solution works by watching our short video: