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Event Security

When you’re in charge of an event, you’ve got a million details to plan. Let us handle security for you.

Whether the event is private or public, we’ll develop a security package that meets your event and budget needs.

Limited Access
Many events limit access. We’ll follow your protocol to admit guests, secure VIPs, and monitor event staff. You can relax and enjoy the event, knowing people are safe and any unwanted guests, reporters, or other threats won’t get past the perimeter.

Throw a festive party and stay safe. If you have cause to worry about party crashers, violence, or even terrorism, we’re experts at all things safety, including weapon detection, guest verification, and parking coordination.

Crowd Control & Red Carpet Events
A high-profile gala—with high-profile guests—demands high-profile security. We work as a team to manage crowd behavior, run surveillance, and attend to your guests’ needs, without interfering with your celebration.

The Triumph Trifecta

Our security personnel have law enforcement and military backgrounds and act with precision, professionalism, and discretion in real-time scenarios.
We train our security personnel in situational awareness, enabling them to detect and respond to potential security threats quickly and effectively, while also equipping them with the latest technology and tools.
Our managers deliver prompt, accurate security and are known for their responsiveness and attention to detail.

Companies Who Trust Triumph

Let us secure your peace of mind.