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Healthcare Security

A hospital needs to be a safe place for employees and for those who come for care.

We train and educate our staff to handle:

  • Bio-hazardous material handling
  • Dealing with hostile people
  • Anti-violence tactics
  • Customer Service
  • Safety Protocols for healthcare environments
  • Threat detection, isolation, and containment
  • Crisis management
  • Crowd control in an emergency setting
  • Self defense and the defense of others
  • Psycho-social aspects of dealing with trauma

We also train each guard on how to maintain your hospital’s policies and procedures while also upholding our doctrine of safety.

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The Triumph Trifecta

Our security personnel have law enforcement and military backgrounds and act with precision, professionalism, and discretion in real-time scenarios.
We train our security personnel in situational awareness, enabling them to detect and respond to potential security threats quickly and effectively, while also equipping them with the latest technology and tools.
Our managers deliver prompt, accurate security and are known for their responsiveness and attention to detail.

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