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Hospitality Security

The foundation of hospitality is safety.

When your guests feel safe, they can relax and enjoy their stay. When your employees feel safe, they can perform their jobs with confidence.

We’ll help you provide safe hospitality by conducting a Security Vulnerability Assessment. We calculate risk severity and probability and develop methods to mitigate or eliminate risk, all the while keeping guests and personnel safe. 

Our security officers understand and follow all fire, safety, health and other organizational codes and many are AED/CPR certified. We also train them to represent your company, provide excellent customer service, and treat personnel and guests with the utmost respect.

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The Triumph Trifecta

Our security personnel have law enforcement and military backgrounds and act with precision, professionalism, and discretion in real-time scenarios.
We train our security personnel in situational awareness, enabling them to detect and respond to potential security threats quickly and effectively, while also equipping them with the latest technology and tools.
Our managers deliver prompt, accurate security and are known for their responsiveness and attention to detail.

More About Hospitality Security

Conflict resolution training
Our security professionals are trained in the art of conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques.
Access control
Our professionals are familiar with the needs of hospitality settings and trained in access control measures.

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