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Plain Clothes Security (Armed & Unarmed)

A plain-clothes approach allows for covert protection and surveillance.

Our plain clothes agents are former/current law enforcement officers or have an extensive military or executive protection background.

In the US, we offer armed services, agents with a Concealed Carry Weapon license (CCW), for more security-heightened events or higher threat level details.

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US: Armed & Unarmed
Canada: Unarmed
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The Triumph Trifecta

Our security personnel have law enforcement and military backgrounds and act with precision, professionalism, and discretion in real-time scenarios.
We train our security personnel in situational awareness, enabling them to detect and respond to potential security threats quickly and effectively, while also equipping them with the latest technology and tools.
Our managers deliver prompt, accurate security and are known for their responsiveness and attention to detail.

More about plain clothes security

Covert protection
Plain clothes security personnel blend in with the crowd and can discreetly monitor your business without drawing attention to themselves.
Our guards are trained in surveillance techniques and can closely observe suspicious behavior, gathering information that’s used to prevent security breaches.
Plain clothes guards are flexible and can adapt to a variety of security situations.
Rapid response
Our security personnel are trained to respond quickly and effectively to security threats, using their experience and skills to de-escalate situations before they become a crisis.
Enhanced protection
Plain clothes security personnel can provide enhanced protection for individuals who may be at higher risk of targeted attacks, such as executives or high-profile individuals.

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