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Uniformed Security (Armed & Unarmed)

Our highly trained uniformed security service professionals respond on a dime to prevent harm and keep situations from escalating.

With a background in law-enforcement, military, or deep security, they’re trained to handle whatever may arise. 

Security issues are fast-evolving, dynamic situations that demand real-time thinking. We train our security personnel to respond in a way that protects you from liability and represents your company in a positive light to your customers.

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The Triumph Trifecta

Our security personnel have law enforcement and military backgrounds and act with precision, professionalism, and discretion in real-time scenarios.
We train our security personnel in situational awareness, enabling them to detect and respond to potential security threats quickly and effectively, while also equipping them with the latest technology and tools.
Our managers deliver prompt, accurate security and are known for their responsiveness and attention to detail.

More about uniformed security

Visible deterrent
Our uniformed security guards act as a visible deterrent to potential intruders, thieves, or other criminal activity, which can help prevent security breaches.
Uniformed security presents a professional and authoritative image for your business, instilling confidence in the people they protect.
Our uniformed guards can be easily identified, which is important in emergency situations as it allows individuals to quickly identify someone they can turn to for help.
Our guards are trained in a variety of security-related areas, including conflict resolution, emergency response, and surveillance techniques.
Access control
Uniformed guards monitor and control access to restricted areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed entry.
Customer service
Our guards answer questions, provide directions, and assist with security issues or concerns.

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